Our New Lodgers

In the absence of a greenhouse, we have to protect our little seedlings from the night-time chills the only way we can – by inviting them to live with us.

A kitchen windowsill would be ideal, but our kitchen is north-facing and gets no sunshine; we’ve previously tried growing herbs here to no avail.

So the little tykes end up monopolising the one permanently sunny spot in our house – the window seat in our living room.


That’s right, in our living room, we’re currently growing potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and celeriac. The window seat is all theirs.

“No, please Mr Potato, you take the seat, we’ll just sit here on the floor. We’ll be fine, honestly.”

If this kind of mollycoddling doesn’t ensure a delicious and plentiful crop, I don’t know what will.



3 thoughts on “Our New Lodgers

  1. Wow! you got some healthy looking plants there! Out of interest, did you plant all the tomato seeds in the packet? i did but have now ended up with 200 tom plants!! i dont know if im just lucky that they all germinated, or too enthusiastic!


    1. Hello there! After growing tomatoes for the first time we too planted all the seeds and found we had more plants than we knew what to do with. Don’t worry, more tomato plants more fun to be had. This year we’re growing two types of tomatoes, Moneymaker – A ‘cordon’ tomato which will sit in a greenhouse. They’ll grow straight up. And then we’ve lots and lots of ‘Tumbling Tom’ plants, these can be put in pots and hanging baskets, so you can get 4/5 plants (maybe more) to a basket. If you still have some left over give them as gifts and spread the tomato goodness. Hope that helps, Ade


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