”Welcome to the party, pal”

I’ve been away this week with work, so had to let our plot fend for herself.  However, on my return I was straight up there to see if everything was in order and to do a few jobs.


To my delight the cabbage is off and running, and, if I do say so myself, looking pretty good.

Wild Flowers

Onto the carrots and yep, the little seedlings are pushing through thick and fast.  Also, the wildflowers are having a whale of a time on their patch.


Next up, the peas.  And would you believe it they too are coming through which is-

Hang on what’s this… WEEDS?

The warmer weather, the rain and wind has kick started one of the gardener’s many nemeses: weeds.  So I quickly arm myself with my trusty hoe and start dispatching these protruding buggers with accurate precision and without emotion.  I was raining weed-maggedon on these unwanted guests.  All I needed was a torn vest, squinty eyes and an eternal pout and I’d have been Bruce Willis on a bad day.

Something tells me spring has arrived… ‘’Welcome to the party, pal’’.




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