Down the rabbit hole

It was such a beautiful day today, I decided to take a stroll up to the plot. There wasn’t that much to do at 23D, a little weeding, a little watering, after which I decided to have a wander around the rest of the allotments.

The community orchard was looking glorious in all its blossom…


… and I also discovered a little pond behind it, where a pair of ducks were happy idling in the sunshine…


… but then I turned around and was suddenly confronted by THIS which nearly made me leap out of my skin…


… arguably the most terrifying scarecrow I have ever seen in my life. So I hastened out of the orchard only to come face to face with some other unexpected plot dwellers…


… A giant watering can and the Tin Man. I was beginning to think I’d fallen down a rabbit hole at this point – I had suddenly found myself in an alarming and slightly trippy alternative reality. I backed away…


… before finding myself cornered by beehives, complete with an angry Queen; this really was starting to feel like Alice in Wonderland! The occupants clearly didn’t want me around so I didn’t loiter there for long either. I hastily left the allotments to a buzzing chorus of “off with her head!” and returned home.

I’ll have to have words with Ade when he gets home this evening. Judging by today’s adventures, I reckon he’s been harvesting the opium from our poppies and stirring it into my tea.





5 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole

  1. It certainly does, PoshPedlar! I wonder if the weather will affect the strange mannequin lady I found in the orchard. Come November, will I find her dressed in gloves and furs? One would hope so…


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