A Moment to Savour

Easter is upon us, and what a great time to go to the allotment.  Whether you’re religious or not, I always regard Easter with great fondness.  It’s the official nod from Mother Nature that ‘the game’s afoot’ and springtime is here.  So with high hopes, this morning I headed off to the plot with the aim of getting a lot done.


However, with the rain pouring and not a soul in sight, it was the perfect time to put the kettle on, eat a slice (or two) of Easter simnel cake and just enjoy ‘being’.


Sitting in your shed doorway watching and listening to Nature going about her business is the best therapy for anyone.  It soothes the soul and brings warmth to the coldest of hearts.

So Happy Easter one and all!  And if anyone comes across the Easter Bunny, can you tell him I’m still waiting for my chocolate egg.




2 thoughts on “A Moment to Savour

  1. I was beginning to think I might have to go all ‘Donnie Darko’ on him. But thankfully, the furry little fella came good in the end.. And the chocolate egg? Didn’t last long.. DOH!


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