Proud Parents

Today was a special day for us vegetable lovers. Today saw the arrival of our first produce from the allotment. We are now the proud parents of a fine cabbage.  He’s a healthy little bairn with plenty of foliage and a very strong heart.

 At this point we’re not sure what to call it but I can promise we are looking forward to bringing it home and showering it with attention.


Joking aside, it proves that with a little time, effort and appreciation for the world of allotmenteering, look what you can achieve. Oh I know there are seasoned gardeners across this green land who wouldn’t give our ‘first’ cabbage the time of day, but to them I say, ‘You’re missing the point’. If something brings you enjoyment, a sense of achievement and acknowledgement that you can work with nature then I think we’re the ones that have got it right.


So, here’s a little photographic update of where the allotment’s at.


And of course the happy gardeners..




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