The Moon Shone… and I Smiled Back

So with the coming of another Supermoon, I decided that as the allotment is the darkest place to see the sky at night, I would get myself a piece of this astrological phenomenon.  Heading out of the door with my camera under one arm and a torch under the other, the only thought that kept crossing my mind was: “Keep away from those moors”.

I’d never been up to the allotment at night, was it safe?  Did hairy trowelled beasts roam the various patches feasting on tender marrows hoping that something more human would stumble across their path?

Again, my mind raced backed to the film “American Werewolf in London”, I was in The Slaughtered Lamb playing chess with Rik Mayall (my comedy hero) whilst Brian Glover gave a stern warning to the American tourists, ‘Keep to the path, and don’t wander onto the vegetable patch’.. Was I nervous?  The place where I felt most comfortable in daylight was now presenting me with something more sinister.  Not even slug pellets could save me now.

I reached the closed metal gate, I climbed over (I forgot my key) making as much noise as humanly possible.  “Well, if the allotment demons didn’t know I was coming”, I thought to myself, “I’ve announced my arrival now!”  Sheepishly, I wandered down the path, but the further I walked, the more I realised just how much fun I was having.  A grown kid playing in the dark.  There was nothing to be afraid of, this was something to enjoy and appreciate.  How often do you stop time and walk under the stars with the biggest moon possible watching you have an adventure..

The moon shone.. and I smiled back.

Moon Coll





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