September Song

September has arrived and up at the plot the pumpkins are swelling, the blackberries are ripening and the leeks are fattening up nicely. In the kitchen, the cupboards are full; shelves groaning under the weight of all the pickles and jams.

Ade Plot 3.9.14

On Saturday, I planted some savoy cabbages which we hope to harvest late autumn/winter. We popped up to the plot briefly this evening to check on them and Ade covered them with netting to protect them from any pests. Aside from this, there’s been very little in the way of planting, it’s still very much about the harvesting and preserving just now.

You’ll be pleased to know I’m winning the war against the current tomato invasion. Pasta sauces have been frozen, handfuls have been given away and we’re currently down to one colanderful which will be deftly dispatched on Friday night when I make a delicious, home-grown dhal out of our allotment veg.

We’re getting there!


5 thoughts on “September Song

  1. I still haven’t made any pickle or jam. I’m resisting this year. Jealous of your tomatoes! Mine are just starting to ripen, I think they might have left it a bit late…


  2. Well if you happened to live nearby, I would gladly give you a bag of our tomatoes! Don’t worry if some of your tomatoes don’t ripen. Last year I made a delicious mixed tomato chutney out of whatever I had left at the end of the season; red tomatoes, green tomatoes and everything in between. It was a Nigel Slater recipe and it turned out to be the best chutney I made last year. Here’s the recipe:


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