The Bugs’ Boudoir

When I was talking to the lovely Amie on The Dirt Radio Show earlier this week, we got onto the topic of ‘bug love’ which is a subject very close to my heart.

So with all things ‘bug’ flying around in my grey matter, this weekend I began making headway on the second allotment plot. This included preparing a second area on the edge of the allotment specifically for bugs, butterflies and any other creatures looking for somewhere to rest their little heads rent-free.

I built a similar area back in early Spring when I took on my first allotment as I felt I had inadvertedly upset the bug life that had been happily buzzing around uninterrupted during the previous couple of years when the plot was abandoned.bug 2

I’m aware that the relationship between bug and gardener isn’t always the best; spending weeks nurturing our sacred seedlings only to have an unwanted visitor munch and nibble all our hard work does occasionally result in a few trigger-happy assassins going bugmaggeddon on anything with four legs or more.  How you get rid of your unwanted visitors is between you and your conscience. For me, I try companion planting to protect plants and deter pests; Marigolds and Nasturtiums are two of my favourites.

Being caught between a small orchard and a large Buddleia, our plot is an ideal haven for any critters, and if I can encourage them to stop off for a little respite, they might return the ‘bug love’ by pollinating some of my plants.  Everyone’s a winner!

With the onslaught of winter, my busy little friends need a place to retreat, rest and have a little snuggle time with Mrs ladybug.  Hence the bug boudoir was born.  And with business booming, I’m in the midst of creating a second one for my guests.mound

Next year I want to build on our allotment success and grow even more, try new vegetables and keep it as organic as possible.  But to do this I still need a little help.  Right now, we’re continuing to enjoy our autumn harvest, so we must be doing something right by our little guests. veg



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