Grey November

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but it has been positively dismal here in South East England for the last week or so: grey skies, chilly temperatures, persistent rain. The only plus side to all this is that we get to light the wood-burner at home, and I get to cook lots of soups and comforting bakes; ’tis the season for all things cosy!


Our autumn harvest is just about holding up: we’re down to our final potatoes, carrots and parsnips, but we’ve got plenty of pumpkins to see us through the next few months, and the onion stash is still looking okay. We have to keep an eye on the onions though, Ade strung them up in the garden shed but then noticed the roof was leaking. The rain has dripped down the string and rotted the tops of some of them which is a nuisance. There’s nowhere else we can move them to, unfortunately. We are certainly hard pushed for storage space here and I do find myself dreaming about walk-in pantries and chest freezers. (I know, most girls dream about having a walk-in wardrobe, right?)

We’ve just started harvesting the broccoli and the swede from the allotment, both firsts for us, and they’re tasting great, Ade’s done an excellent job with these.

First Broccoli

We’ve sadly lost our entire leek crop to a nasty invasion of Allium Leaf Miners though, so we’re none too happy about that. I think we’ll have to try growing them under some sort of mesh next year.

Onwards and upwards!



3 thoughts on “Grey November

  1. Sorry to hear about the leeks😞. I know what you mean about a walk-in pantry. There was one in the house I grew up in but houses just aren’t built like that anymore, are they?


    1. No, you’re right, they’re not. Everything is knocked through and open plan now, isn’t it? Pantries are so handy though, maybe they’ll come back in fashion one day! We’ve already decided that in our next house we’re going to have one purpose built!

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