2015: A New Beginning…

Happy New Year! We hope you had a magical festive season and that you’re now raring to hurl yourselves headlong into another busy year of sowing, growing, cooking and eating – we know we are! In fact, we’ve already started planting. Eager? Us? You betcha! But you’ll have to wait until Wednesday’s post to learn why Agent Ade was rummaging around in the garden shed for bags of vermiculite almost before he’d finished singing the final chorus of Auld Lang Syne.

For now, we wanted to share the rather delightful news that we have been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


This is a lovely award which gives bloggers the chance to show their support to other bloggers they admire, to introduce new readers to their blogs and to generally spread the blogging luuurve in a big internet orgy of mutual admiration.

The rules are as follows:

1. As the recipient you should thank the person who nominated you by linking to his/her blog and displaying the award logo;

2. Nominate up to 15 other blogs. Link to their blogs and inform them about the nomination;

3. Share three things that inspired you the most this week.

So firstly, huge thanks to Steve at The Circus Gardener for nominating us. The Circus Gardener is a fantastic blog for anyone interested in growing and cooking their own food and we’re chuffed to bits that Steve thought of us for this award.

Secondly, we’d like to nominate the following blogs for the Very Inspiring Blogger award:

  • Backlane Notebook
    A knowledgeable and informative blog by Sue, a gardener who really knows her onions.
  • Lottie Land Girl
    Kaz Brown documents life on her allotment in Stockport with her stunning photography.
  • Nest of Squirrels
    Blogging from the Ohio River Valley, Ben the gardener/philosopher always inspires us.
  • Southbourne Gardens
    Victoria shares her allotment adventures and includes fabulous pictures and mouth-watering recipes.
  • Sweet Baby Veg
    Run by the passionate kitchen gardener, Karen B,  this blog is beautifully written, illustrated with amazing photos and just brimming with positivity.

And here are the three things that have inspired Agents of Field this week:


1. The sight of a robin munching away happily on our new bird feeder in the back garden

2. Michael Keaton’s performance in Birdman which we went to see at the cinema on New Year’s Day. He’s pretty darn amazing.

3. It’s the new year, baby! Excited and inspired by the start of a new year, we planted our first seeds on January 2nd!




4 thoughts on “2015: A New Beginning…

  1. And Happy New Year to you both! I just LOVE that photograph of the robin with the feeder – beautiful!

    Australia is later getting BIRDMAN, but I’m seeing a preview screening of it on Wednesday and can’t wait to see Michael Keaton’s performance!

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  2. I spent today in the garden and the robin was so close to me as I turned the soil that I could almost touch him! I am so glad that you have one too. It’s amazing how just one day in the garden can see the return of so much excitement about the year ahead. So much to plan, seeds to choose, crop rotation to organise……..with the news of your nomination, I feel it is the start of a great gardening year! I must calm down….I am getting too bubbly inside to sleep!
    Karen x

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