Poised to Spring

With two new vegetables plots being dug and a further bed in the wings dedicated to wildflowers and all things petalled, it’s been a productive weekend up on the plot.

At home, I can feel the garden turn and stir from her long winter’s nap as she announces spring is nearly upon us with a floral celebration of crocuses and snowdrops dotted across her frosty blanket.  With these hints of colour emerging across the landscape, I know things in the next few weeks will start to gather pace as I make good on her with promises of summer blooms. snowdrop

In the house, windowsill space is at a premium as I’ve crammed them with seed trays and pots growing everything from leeks to peppers to Rudbeckia, and they’re all fighting for heat and light.  The more I sow and bring inside, the more I see Soph looking concerned as her clean home is overrun by pots and trays!  Realising this is going to be a (literally) growing problem in the years to come, this week I dug deep into my moth-filled pockets, tapped in the wallet security code and withdrew a little hard-earned cash and purchased a polytunnel.  More to follow once it arrives but I’m hoping big things from this plastic haven. crocus

Soph’s popped out so now’s my chance to sneak a few more seed trays into the house.. SShh!  Our secret. AdeSignature


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