House Invasion

Did Ade mention that he’s growing all his seedlings in the house at the moment, because we don’t have a greenhouse and it’s too chilly outside?

Did he mention that, currently, all our window sills look like this…

… and this?
And that the window seat in the front room has been invaded by everything from chitting potatoes to sprouting leeks?


He did?


Can you tell I’m itching to get my house back?



11 thoughts on “House Invasion

  1. Agent Sophie, I know where all this is leading. Agent Ade wants his Greenhouse. Next thing you won’t be able to locate the toothpaste on the bathroom sink for the sprouting tomatoes. How big is your backyard?

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    1. Haha! Well, we actually had a greenhouse when we first moved here, but our back garden is so, so narrow, the greenhouse was completely wedged in at the bottom and you had to sidle past it to get to the shed beyond. We decided we’d rather have a little area of lawn there instead. So we sold the greenhouse on Ebay, and actually, it was totally the right thing to do, as the little sunken area of garden that we now have instead is really lovely, my favourite part of the garden in fact. But yes, tomatoes sprouting in the bathroom… i’m sure it’s just a matter of time! 😉


  2. Don’t you just love all that greenery, though? I’m about to get more seedlings going but will hopefully get a greenhouse very soon to alleviate the windowsills 🙂


    1. I do love the greenery Helen, but when there’s nowhere to sit because of the potatoes on the window-seat and the dining room chairs have been hijacked to accommodate pots of chilli peppers which are shoved against the radiators for the extra heat, it does feel like the house is being invaded!



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