Some Like It Hot

Our chilli plants are coming along a treat. We planted them early in the New Year and they took an absolute age to germinate, despite Ade positioning the seed tray right on top of the radiator in our dining room to give them extra warmth.chilisOnce the weather is a little milder, we’ll transfer them to the polytunnel up on the plot. This is the first time Ade has grown chilli plants from seed, so we’re very keen to see how they turn out, and I have all sorts of recipes up my sleeve for these little tikes!  



5 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot

  1. Hi Caitriona! Thanks for your comment. They’re looking okay, aren’t they? They took so long to pop their heads through the soil we’d almost given up on them! Hope we get a decent harvest of peppers out of them! S x


  2. Good luck – I hope you get a good crop. I usually get some small chillies but this year I am going to try them in the greenhouse in bigger pots/growbags to see if that makes any difference.

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