‘There Be Gold on Those Plots’

Angels wept, clouds parted and the sun shone. Welcome, dear friend, it’s been a while. We were beginning to think you were going to miss the Easter party.

A relaxing weekend in the country at my beloved ‘in-laws’ was just what the doctor ordered, we were right royally spoilt with good food, great company and the most wonderful of gardens. Soph’s parents have the most beautiful garden, or as I like to call it: ‘Ade’s Nirvana’. At the moment, their primroses are looking spectacular in their yellow, pink and white finery, as they gather in clusters daring any passing onlooker to stop and stare. flowers1

A couple of years ago, we dug up a few clumps, took them home, planted them and they’ve naturalised the top half of the garden. So this Easter, we dug up a few more clumps and I’ve planted them in the lower half of our garden under the cherry tree. They’ve only been there a few days but they look so vibrant, and every time I pass them, they have managed to tickle a smile out of me.

With an extra day-off yesterday, I headed up to the plot early just to check on things and give the seedlings in the polytunnel a watering. But no sooner had I arrived, the council turned up with a truck load of wood chippings, or ‘gold-dust’ as we call it round these parts. Those things don’t hang around. However, I couldn’t have timed it better, and for the rest of the morning, I finished digging out all my paths and filled them in with the chippings. And what a difference it’s made. After fifty plus barrowfuls, the plot is primed and ready to go! paths1

So my “I’ll only be half an hour Soph’, turned into ‘I had to stay on the plot for three hours, I had no choice!”

I think she forgives me.



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