Tulip Fever

‘Tis the season for tulips! The front garden is crammed with them, we’ve got pots on the patio bursting with them and how handsome they look!


This year, Ade’s grown several varieties including ‘Dreaming Maid’ (above), ‘Pink Diamond’ and ‘Apricot Beauty’.

What’s really lovely though, is that the ‘mystery’ tulips that I was given by a kindly gardener in Soho last spring, are also beginning to pop through. These bulbs were destined to be thrown away by the council after they’d flowered last May. We were more than happy to give them a new home, and it’s a pleasure to see them flourishing.

How are your tulips doing?



6 thoughts on “Tulip Fever

  1. Our tulips are prolific and varieties often unknown. In the 1970s we lived in a flat in Soho owned my the Council. The bottom floor was used for the Council gardens plant storage. A single gardener tended Rembrandt Gardens in Warwick Avenue for 35 years. It was a delight and would have been full of tulips now

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