In The Pink

We’re loving the rhubarb just now! Aside from the pretty pink splashes of colour it provides in the garden and up on the plot, it’s so delicious! There isn’t that much we can harvest at this time of year, apart from the salad leaves which are coming through nicely in the polytunnel, so we’re revelling in the rhubarb as best we can!

RhubarbTrugAside from roasting it, I’ve recently tried stewing it in honey instead of sugar, which worked like a dream, and have also whipped up a few jars of Rhubarb & Ginger Jam (recipe here), which are now maturing nicely at the back of the cupboard. Karen B over at sweetbabyveg also gave us a useful tip about cooking rhubarb with Sweet Cicely which apparently goes really well with it, acting as a natural sweetener. Ade’s already bought some Sweet Cicely plants on her recommendation, so that will be our next experiment. (Thanks Karen!)


What are you marking with your rhubarb? Any recipe recommendations?



9 thoughts on “In The Pink

  1. I roasted 500 grams of rhubarb with about 75 g of brown sugar and when it was cool pureed it in the liquidiser. We then put a teaspoonful in the base of chilled glasses of prosecco and it was very delicious and turned the wine a pretty pink. The first time we made this it looked cloudy and fibrous in the glass so we experimented and concluded that pureeing and pushing through a sieve is essential but worth it.

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      1. Yes, possibly. Just been for my work day at the farm I go to once a month, where they are growing Sweet Cicely and it tastes lovely by itself but I think you might need some sugar or honey still with rhubarb.


      2. Very much so 🙂

        The Sweet Cicely has an aniseed taste and the seeds can be eaten like sweets. I’d like to have some for my own garden, so will think about whether I have room

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