Autumn Colours

This weekend, we fled to the countryside for fun, family festivities and to soak up the colours of autumn.


I love autumn; it’s my favourite season. Just now, the hedgerows are laden with bright berries and the trees are aflame with colour.


There are conkers hidden in the grass and a distant smell of bonfires.


A final burst of colour before the starkness of winter.

Enjoy it while it lasts!



4 thoughts on “Autumn Colours

  1. Lovely post! Never heard the word “conkers” until I started reading the Miss Read stories—it seems kids in the 1950s liked to throw them. Anyway, love the word, and I use it every chance I get, which is not often. People in Maine don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, and then, of course, I illuminate them.

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  2. Thanks guys! Collecting conkers was an annual tradition when we were kids. We’d scour the churchyard (pictured above) for them, searching for the shiny brown seeds among the fallen leaves! We’d bag them up, bring them to school and see who had managed to collect the most. Some people played the game conkers, tying them to string and striking each other’s conker until one of them broke, but I just liked collecting them. 🙂


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