Sprouts à la mode

What is it with sprouts this year? The one time pariah of the Christmas dinner now seems to be the most fashionable veg on the platter. With a ‘monster’ variety of sprout expected to hit the supermarket shelves later this month because of the warmer weather, novelty chocolate sprouts apparently replacing the trend for chocolate coins,  and even a BBC Christmas TV Campaign starring none other than Sprout Boy, it seems we’re unable to escape the humble Brussels sprout at the moment.

Allotment Sprouts 1

Which is okay by us, because we love ’em! We’ve got a healthy crop growing on the allotment which we’ve already started harvesting, and what a fine-looking crop they are!

Allotment Sprouts 2

Admittedly, I haven’t been particularly experimental when cooking our sprouts so far. They’re delicious, but I tend to keep things simple; boiling them lightly and serving them as a side dish, but I know there are plenty of other things to do with them.

I may have to try something more adventurous next time – suggestions please!



10 thoughts on “Sprouts à la mode

  1. I had a crazy American friend visit recently and she loves Brussels Sprouts and presented me with a book – “Brussels Sprouts – the Ultimate Guide” which really comes up with some great recipes – including Balsamic Brussels Sprouts, Brussels Sprouts Stir Fry, Brussels Sprouts Pizza (!), Pickled Brussels Sprouts, etc. etc. I’ve tried just the one – Brussels Sprouts with Mushrooms, which was absolutely delish.

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  2. Would be great if you could do a post on what else you decide to do with sprouts. I only know to steam them, although once a friend present me with a dish, where he had flavoured them with peppermint oil. It worked!

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  3. Unfortunately our own sprouts crop failed this year because we found a great way to prepare them. Lightly shred them in a food processor and sauté with bacon until just tender crisp. Heavenly!

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