The Plot Thickens

Jack Frost has been running amok over our fair lands these last few days. With temperatures dancing around the zero mark, there’s been a lot of jumper-wearing and hot drinks up on the plot. I’ve probably told you before, I’m a man who likes his seasons, and with the soil turning solid due to the weather, I’m jumping with glee. A cold snap killing off those unwanted pests means less critters nibbling at my tender crops later this year. ‘Bring it on Jack!’ I yell like a loon as I hop and skip across the frozen allotment!Agents snowBut it hasn’t all been singing and dancing up at the allotment this week. I’ve been busy, splitting our compost bin in two. Topping up one side with fresh manure, the other side is the remains of the old manure that, up until two weeks ago, had been composting for nearly a year. I’m also going to lose a path by knocking two plots into one and plant my early potatoes in there. The plot furthest away has always had a bit of an issue with its soil, it’s very heavy, so by turning it into a larger space, the moisture has a bigger area to disperse, and a crop of potatoes will help clean the soil. I’ve also put a layer of manure over the top to improve the soil structure. Snow Collage

Meanwhile, back at Agents of Field HQ, once again I’ve laid claim to the various windowledges with my trays of pepper, chilli and aubergine seeds. But before Agent Soph turns an icy white, fearful of having to deal with excessive crops later this year, I’ve already assured her that a lot of these young plants will go to family, friends and neighbours. (As well as the polytunnel. Sshhh! What she doesn’t know won’t upset her!)

winter CollageBut we’re firmly into the new year, there are daffodils poking through and I’m already chitting my tatties. Two varieties this spring: Kestrel and Kidney. After last year’s potato success, I was thoroughly impressed with Kestrel. Not just for the taste and its firm structure, but because it didn’t succumb to any pests, diseases or scab.

So despite the frost, it’s been a busy week and I’m looking forward to it getting busier. Although we’ve still got a long way to go before the joys of spring, already the days seem a little longer and the sun is hanging around past its

But time waits for no man, and I need to make haste and finalise my allotment plan for 2016.. All to be revealed soon. AdeSignature


7 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens

  1. Wow! Daffodils in January! Let’s just say that those lovelies aren’t even thinking of making an appearance yet in Maine. Yesterday, our temperature was also zero, but Fahrenheit rather than Celsius 😉

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  2. I like the look of the new layout on your computer screen-it helps to know where plants will go. I’ve just purchased a walk-in poly-tunnel like the one I saw on your blog and plan to re-jig two beds into one to site it. I’m very excited about the allotment and longing for Spring to get seriously sowing.

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  3. Still a good few weeks in hibernation here before I even need to look at my seed packets. In a week or so I’ll start planning in earnest. For now it’s just old Avengers episodes to get me through.

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