Fruits of the Season

Our neighbour very kindly gifted us some Bramley apples along with some plums the other day. So along with combatting courgettes and wrangling runner beans, I’ve had a heap of fruit to deal with. The bank holiday weekend couldn’t have come at a better time, really.


So far, I’ve made a batch of plum and apple jam and baked a plum and apple cobbler, although there is still fruit leftover which I’m wondering what to do with. The apples will keep a while but the plums need cooking.

Plum & Apple Jam 16

So I want to hear about your favourite plum recipes, people! What’s quick and easy and not a pie or crumble?

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions! 😍




7 thoughts on “Fruits of the Season

  1. Hmmmm… thanks for all the lovely suggestions! I know what you mean about plain stewed fruit Deborah, one of my favourite things to do with apples is to simply stew them with cinnamon. Haven’t tried it with plums though – great idea! x


  2. I think they can easily be frozen (in half), so you can use them for salted recipes with meat for the holiday season (yes, I know how this sounds… not sure your plums are close to mirabelles but you can get inspired by the pork with mirabelles plums for instance)…


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