Winter Veg

Despite the ever colder weather, it’s good to see several of my plots brimming with life.


When it comes to winter veg my goal is this: it has to make the Christmas Day plate. I’m a show off and I want to impress the lady of my life. Some girls like diamonds, others chocolates. But with Agent Soph, show her a sack of my spuds fresh off the plot, it’s down tools and out with the Barry White vinyl.


So far, I’m pleased to report the vegetables are looking healthy and growing well. The broccoli heads have just started to emerge, both the red and green cabbages are forming, and the sprouts are swelling. We’ve already been enjoying the swede and leeks, not only as side dishes, but Soph always manages to whip them into the tastiest of soups!


So fingers crossed, if it carries on this way, this year’s Christmas Day carols might be replaced with Barry White’s Greatest Hits.

(Yeah, baby.)



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