Tales of the Tatty

Agent Ade is a man who likes a spud. We reckon if the common potato could converse, it would readily admit that Agent Ade knows his chips. However, with talk of tatties morning, noon and night, Agent Soph has suggested he should share his pota-tales with the rest of the world. (She also said some other things, but they’re not for the sensitive reader).

Packing his spud sack and filling his trug with carbonhydrate goods, Agent Ade ventured out into the big wide allotment. Taking his tales of the tatty and how to grow them, he offered his nuggets of tuberous gold to all corners of our fair land. From pompous princes to  scurvy-ridden pirates, everyone heard about the Potato Pied Piper. Sadly, no one was interested in hearing his starchy stories.

Things were looking bleak for our downtrodden agent, but our story has a happy ending.

Starting this month, Agent Ade will be guest blogging for Kitchen Garden Magazine. After hearing of his plight, the magazine have kindly offered to take him in when Agents of Field HQ need a little peace and quiet.

You can check out his first blog post here.

I bet you can’t guess what he’s talking about?



4 thoughts on “Tales of the Tatty

  1. Yes, congrats! You might be interested in knowing that Maine is known for its potatoes. And, my great-grandparents had a potato farm in northern Maine, the region especially known for potato growing. Alas, they lost the farm during the Great Depression.

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