Simple Things

I was so happy to see our snake’s head fritillary appear this week. She’s such a loyal thing, showing up at the base of our honeysuckle arch each spring, the one fritillary that came through after Ade planted some bulbs in the garden about five years ago.

According to The Wildlife Trust, snake’s head fritillaries used to be extremely common, carpeting the wet meadows of the Thames and crowding the flower markets of Covent Garden, but urban expansion and agricultural development virtually wiped them out; they’re rarely seen in the wild now. I’d never seen one until this little one bloomed in our garden. They’re an extraordinary flower; their bashful heads chequered with an intricate design that looks like it was painted on by hand. How lovely that she’s back!

And on the subject of simple pleasures, you can read all about our veg plot in the April edition of The Simple Things.

I’ve loved this magazine for a long time, it’s full of inspirational ideas, so I was delighted when they got in touch. Our feature includes Ade’s top tips for taking on an allotment as well as a rhubarb recipe from me. (And while I’m on a rosemary kick, I can’t wait to try Lia Leendertz’s intriguing recipe for Rosemary Orangeade – it sounds delicious!)


7 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. I have never seen snake’s head fritillary in Maine. I wonder if we have them. So great about the article in The Simple Things. Looks a terrific magazine.

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