Dawn Raider

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled during my early morning runs in the park. It’s the elderflowers I’ve been watching; those delicate, frothy blossoms that festoon the hedgerows for the briefest moment in early summer, only to disappear as quickly as they came.

Last year I missed my chance. I’d noted that the elderflowers were in bloom, but delayed harvesting them until the following weekend, by which point they had withered away. Determined not to miss out this year, I made an early morning mission to the park a couple of days ago, and after returning home with a dozen or so flower heads, brewed up a couple of litres of elderflower cordial.

This is the recipe I use and it works like a dream (I halved the amounts). It’s such a refreshing summer drink when mixed with water and poured over ice, but a dash of it in a glass of Prosecco is my absolute favourite!

The great thing about elderflower cordial is that once it is made, it can be used in all sorts of recipes from preserves to cakes to marinades. I’ve been eyeing up some fabulous recipes from this Gooseberry and Elderflower Fool to this Elderflower and Pistachio Cake. But it’s this recipe for Elderflower Marinated Salmon that really intrigues me – it sounds right up my street!

Do you have elderflowers growing near you? I’d love to know what you’re making with them!


5 thoughts on “Dawn Raider

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for the link! I looked into making Elderflower Champagne a couple of years ago when I discovered the abundance of elderflower bushes in our local park. I must admit, it was the risk of the exploding bottles that rather put me off! I’ll have to try it one day, though! 😉


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