Seize the Moment

This week, instead of offering my gardening opinions or some ‘how to…’ advice, I thought it would be more beneficial to just stop, take a moment, and breathe.

Sometimes, while we’re busy planning, planting and growing, it’s easy to forget to take the time to stand back and admire what we’ve achieved. After all, events in the garden are all but too quick, and if we don’t seize the moment and look closely, they’ll pass us by.

Whether it’s hoverflies skipping across your dahlias, young squashes plumping up, or a golden sunset over your allotment, you’ve created this garden of Eden, so take a moment to enjoy it.

While we’re savouring the moment, here’s a little collage of where we are, both on our plot and in the garden.

How are your gardens coming along?

By the way, you might like to keep an eye on our social media channels this Thursday, we’re going to have a little something extra to show you… (shhhh, keep it between us for now though…)


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