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We all know gardening is good for us. Whether it’s the exercise, eating fresh produce or just being closer to nature, horticulture offers so many rewards. In recent years, the medical profession has acknowledged the physical and mental health benefits of social and therapeutic horticulture. The 2016 King’s Fund report commissioned by the National Garden Scheme examined the positive impact gardens can have on health and wellbeing, and Greenfingers Charity holds this philosophy at its heart.

Greenfingers is a national charity which supports the children who spend time in hospices around the UK, along with their families. Whether through play and fun, or therapeutic rest and relaxation, Greenfingers Charity creates inspiring gardens for them to enjoy.

I can’t begin to imagine the distress a child and their parents go through when illness strikes, but the excellent work of Greenfingers Charity goes some way to ease the suffering.

To date, Greenfingers has created fifty-three inspiring gardens in children’s hospices around the country, working to the belief that ‘time spent outdoors, away from the bedside, can offer children and families under considerable stress a vital opportunity to embrace the benefits of being in the fresh air and engaging with the natural environment.’ The charity is committed to creating specially designed, stimulating garden spaces that can bring many benefits to children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions. While most of us take for granted the simple pleasure of enjoying a garden, for these children, the chance to spend time outdoors and away from the bedside offers an enormous release.

From garden designer patron Ann-Marie Powell, to Gardeners’ World presenter Mark Lane, and their newest charity ambassador Michael Perry (AKA Mr Plant Geek), many high-profile gardeners have lent their support, and designs, to help highlight the importance of this charity.

Earlier in July, garden designer and TV presenter, Adam Frost designed and opened their latest garden, The Courtyard Garden at Keech, saying: ‘I hope this Courtyard Garden surprises people to start with and then puts a smile on their faces. It’s a wonderful space which seriously ill adults and children can use in many different ways’.

So if you have a few coppers knocking around or loose change from a recent seed buy, why not put them to good use and donate to this worthy cause. Better still, if you’ve got the onions, why not get involved in next month’s charity run, Rough Runners Mud Run.

For more information, click here


Special thanks to Freya Hill at Greenfingers Charity for providing photographs and information.


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