A Changing Season

I know you don’t want to hear this, but in meteorological terms, autumn began on the 1st September. Three days in, I’ve decided my loyalty actually lies with the astronomical calendar. So for me, autumn doesn’t start until the 22nd September… YES!

Despite my stubbornness, there’s no getting away from the fact there’s a change in the air. Morning is slower to rise and nightfall is ever more keen to greet us. On the plot, some crops have done their bit and are now looking the worse for wear. My continued attempts to resuscitate the fading cucumber plants, for just one more salad, is proving a losing battle.

However, there are gains. Both the pumpkins and squashes have really coloured up, and  their withering tendrils are a sign that they’re nearly ready for harvesting.

My winter crops have found their feet, with the swede, carrots, parsnips, sprouts, savoy cabbage and sprouting broccoli all making their presence felt. Once again, I have high hopes for these friends turning up for my Christmas Day lunch, but that’s over three months away, I’m getting ahead of myself. Yet in my mind, Jon Snow continues to remind me, ‘Winter is coming!’


But until then, I shall continue to bask in a fading summer, and enjoy these precious warm moments. 



4 thoughts on “A Changing Season

  1. Winter is coming to Maine, too. Enjoy the last hurrah of summer. That curly squash is a hoot. Looks as though it’s part bird, part vegetable.


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