Spotlight on Garlic

While many look at autumn as a time to clear up and pack away for the season, it’s also time to look ahead and plant, in readiness for next summer’s harvest.

So hold fire on packing away that fork and spade, and think about getting your garlic in the ground.

Like onions, also from the allium family, these aromatic bulbs are really easy to grow, so I thought I’d don my director’s cap, and catch it all on camera…

I hope you enjoy my allotment antics. 





5 thoughts on “Spotlight on Garlic

  1. Thank you, Agent Ade, I really did enjoy your antics. Good luck with the garlic.
    While on that page I saw your Summer 2017 clip, which I had previously missed – LOVED it! You and Agent Sophie are the biz! Keep up the good work!

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    1. Hi Jenna, I tend to leave the netting on right through until early next summer, raising it as the bulbs get taller. On my allotment we’ve had problems with both leaf mining fly and leek moth.


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