Blown Away

As my gardening experience grows, so does the number of garden tools in my shed. The latest addition is the STIHL BGA 56 set cordless leaf blower, complete with re-chargeable battery and charger. 

Having been in the power tools business for ninety years, STIHL is at the forefront of engineering, with tools capable of tidying the smallest garden to felling the largest tree.

The first thing that struck me about this leaf blower was how light and easy it is to use. As this is part of their Lithium-Ion compact range, I was expecting the added weight of the re-chargable battery to weigh the blower down, but the balance of the tool is something STIHL have clearly thought about. Whether you’re built like a hobbit or the size of Conan the Barbarian, this is a product most garden enthusiasts could easily use, without any risk of straining.

It’s fair to say this blower packs a punch. Twenty minutes into continuously blowing leaves around the garden, there was no let up on the battery. Quick to charge, and easy to fit to the back of the blower, it gets jobs done that bit quicker. If you’ve been getting yourself in knots with cords and cables, or you’ve struggled to get the right mixture for your petrol blowers, then this battery-operated bruiser is the answer. There’s no need to find a plug socket or continuously pull on a rip-cord. Furthermore, the batteries are compatible with all of this STIHL range. Whether you’re blowing leaves, strimming edging or sawing logs, one battery fits all.

It’s tough too. I’ve knocked it a few times but there’s no sign of any damage. With an adjustable end, the design is slick and comes in grey/black with the trademark orange trim.

Of course, as with all leaf blowers, there is a certain amount of noise. It’s not the quietest of machines, but I’ve yet to come across a leaf blower that doesn’t make a bit of a racket.

The blower couldn’t have arrived at a better time. It was made for autumn! Being able to gather the leaves now and not watch them dance across the garden means I can turn my attention to creating leaf mould.

I doff my cap to STIHL and look forward to trying further products in this range.

And if you’re wondering who the handsome hand model in the photo is, it’s my Dad!


(This product was sent to us free of charge to review, but all opinions and images are my own).



4 thoughts on “Blown Away

  1. Power tools can take the fun out of gardening, unless of course you happen to enjoy power tools. I used them only so that my neighbors would not need to hear me raking the pavement for so long. The blower was a bit louder, but took only a few minutes.

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