A Little Request

We love that you read our blog and watch our videos and make our recipes and leave us comments and connect with us in all the lovely ways that you do. Our blog will be four years old in February (FOUR YEARS!) and we really wouldn’t have kept it going for so long, were it not for you, kind readers.  So, thank you.


But now we have a teeny-tiny favour to ask…

We have recently learned that we are in the running for the UK Blog Awards. Isn’t that jolly?! We are nominated in two categories: Green and Eco, and Lifestyle. The public vote is now open, and we would be so grateful if you voted for us.

It only takes five seconds of your time to vote. Just click on the link below to be taken to the Agents of Field voting page, and scroll to the bottom to vote for us in both categories (Green and Eco + Lifestyle).

Vote for me in the UK Blog Awards 2018

We’re up against some very, very good blogs (gulp!) so we’re really going to need your help! You are allowed two votes, so please check out some of the other excellent blogs and cast your second vote wisely. The public vote closes on 22nd December and then, if we have enough votes to get through to the next round, it’s over to the judging panel.

Thank you so much for your support! 💚



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