The 12 Days of Christmas – Greenfingers Style

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls, workshop elves and all of Santa’s helpers!

Today is a special day. For those who have no idea what we’re talking about, where have you been? Agents of Field have been working 24/7 over the last couple of weeks, from the film studio to the editing room, on a Christmas production like no other. What we are about to reveal to you will amaze and astound, enrich and empower… (maybe…)

Supporting one of our favourite charities, Greenfingers, we sent messengers to every corner of this fair land, enlisting the help of fellow garden bloggers, podcasters, and the odd celeb gardener, entreating them to down their gardening tools and pick up their microphones.

We soon realised that these kindly folk were not just gardeners, but heavenly angels with astounding vocal ranges and unimaginable on-screen talent… (kinda…) Today, they will not hide behind their wheelbarrows, today the spotlight is theirs.

Please enjoy the film, like and re-tweet it, and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel here. The more we can share it, the more people will learn about the excellent work Greenfingers does, and hopefully they’ll be encouraged to donate.

So, have a very Merry Christmas, and we look forward to re-opening Agents of Field HQ in the New Year, for new tales and adventures. But without any further ado, may we present to you a very special Christmas premiere… The 12 Days of Christmas – Greenfingers Style.

Merry Christmas all, see you in 2018!


6 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Christmas – Greenfingers Style

  1. If you had a “Love” button on this post, I would click it. Bravo, wonderful, and well done! I’ll be sharing this across the pond. Merry Christmas from the hinterlands!!!!

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  2. SOOoo Good! Congratulations to everyone involved. Lovely to put a face (and voice) to some other bloggers. This is sure to go viral. Happy Christmas everyone.

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  3. Really uplifting! Well done to all involved! And a big Happy Christmas Greeting to those wonderful Agents of Field, Sophie and Ade! Looking forward to what you come up with next year!

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