The Impossible Dream

When days are short and dreams are big, the battle with Old Father Time can be a frustrating one. Your need to be outdoors is often blocked by work and other daily commitments that have become increasingly heavy shackles around your neck. In that moment, I’m reminded of Gandalf’s stand-off with the Balrog, desperately shouting, ”YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Hold your horses, grey pilgrim, I thought you were on my side?

Although I’m making light of the situation, I know this can be a very real problem for some. I’ve read numerous blogs and tweets from gardeners who find this dance between the day job and the impossible dream a monumental struggle. A lack of time outside can trigger self-doubt, unhappiness, even bouts of depression. It’s a frustrating situation, not being able to do the things you want to do, and although I don’t have the answers, I would say this: you’re not alone, there are people right now feeling the same frustrations.

Use Twitter, write your blogs, and connect to people. If you can’t garden, talk about gardening, look at plants on Instagram, make allotment plans, but most of all, let your imagination wander. Just a glimmer of greenery can be the boost you need to push you onto the weekend, and out into the garden.

It’s true, I’ve had a week I would rather set fire to and kick into oblivion, but then Sophie threw some stardust my way and reminded me of something. It was four years ago this week that we began our Agents of Field adventure. In that short time, we’ve learnt so much, roamed free in a world of creativity, and met some weird and wonderful people along the way. In fact, this was our first ever video the day we took on our abandoned allotment plot, and started to make it our own…

So, although work continues to hold me in his Sauron-like grip, he forgets something. I too can be like Frodo, and slip under his gaze to enjoy my weekends in The Shire with the other allotment hobbits.

Have a good week, everyone.







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