Glee Exhibition 2018

As the months speed by, it seems life at Agents of Field HQ is getting busier and busier. And this week was no exception! We packed the mules, loaded the cart and headed up the M1 motorway, to Birmingham NEC’s Glee Exhibition 2018.

Now before you break open the Glee DVD, warm up the karaoke mic, and start dancing around like deranged teenagers, this is a very different Glee. Not the television show.

To quote this trade event, “Glee is the UK’s most valuable garden and outdoor living trade show, showcasing the freshest and most exciting brands, amazing new products and inspiring garden retail insights“.

So, with camera in hand, we scouted the event, meeting various gardeners, garden traders and fellow garden bloggers. In fact, whilst on our reconnaissance mission, we had the good fortune of interviewing garden legend, Charlie Dimmock.

Many will know Charlie from her current BBC show, Garden Rescue. However, my fanboy relationship with Charlie began back in the nineties where she co-starred alongside both Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh in the BBC programme, Ground Force.

So sit-back, pour yourself a brew and take a peek at our latest video.

Happy watching! 


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