Autumn Equinox

Today marks the arrival of autumn. It’s the moment when the sun appears to cross the celestial equator heading southward, and our daylight hours are the same length as our night-time. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, of course, today marks the start of spring.

Guelder Rose

I love the English autumn. I love the vibrant colours of the trees and the soft, golden sunlight. I love wrapping up warm to go outside, kicking up leaves and finding conkers. I love coming home to roaring fires, and cooking up warming soups and stews.

It is bittersweet of course. The nights drawing in means winter isn’t far away, and I’m not so fond of winter. But for now, there is so much to enjoy, from the gorgeous colours to the delicious harvests.

It’s pumpkin season of course, and Ade is bringing home all manner of colourful squash from the allotment, including a three-foot tromboncino that has sat on the kitchen counter for over a week. Seems a shame to chop it up, really!

But I did manage to make my autumnal Pumpkin & Apple Cake this weekend (which we’ve already scoffed half of – gluttons!), so it sort of feels like we’re welcoming in the change of season with open arms (and stretched waistbands – it’s really nice cake!)

Happy Equinox, whichever hemisphere you’re in!





4 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox

  1. I love pumpkin cake and I’ve got plenty of apples, so I’ll give your recipe a whirl.

    I also love autumn – my favourite time of year. As I get older, I like winter more and more, too, so autumn isn’t as bittersweet. Besides, this winter I have lots of plans, so I’m particularly looking forward to it. Enjoy 😊

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