Embracing the Change

The heady days of summer may have gone, but it has left its mark on us all. Allotments across the land are filled with delicious veggies, eagerly waiting to be picked.

I’ve always enjoyed this time of year, but then I’m a man that’s likes the seasons. I don’t think I would enjoy living somewhere with the same climate all year round.

The mornings now have a noticeable nip in the air, as the sun takes longer to rise, and the evenings are drawing in at a quickening pace. Yet, as Sophie mentioned in last week’s blog, it’s the time to enjoy the wonderful colours of autumn. Whether it’s an orange sunset, a blushing leaf, or the vibrant colours of a pumpkin, nature’s colour palate right now is magical.

But this is also a time for reflection, of slowing the pace, and remembering the thrills and spills of summer just gone. Soon, it will be time to put away the vegetable trug and begin the mulching, fleecing and manuring.

Personally, I’ve had a fantastic summer. All but one crop (damn you melon!) succeeded.  I think this year, there were no real gluts and everything arrived at a steady pace. Flowers bloomed and our garden adventures thrived. Not only did we attend some great garden festivals, get to film events, and interview some gardening celebs, but I also made my live TV debut! I’m very excited to announce I’m now a Guest Presenter on the QVC channel where I’m proud to represent Suttons. You’ll regularly catch me talking all things gardening on Richard Jackson’s Garden Show.

So, what’s next? There is a change in the air, plans are forming at Agents of Field HQ. Soph and I are on this journey together, and we’re gonna make sure we enjoy all the sights along the way. Something is coming. It’s all good I promise, and all will be revealed in time.

But for now I’m just going to sit here on my allotment and enjoy the view.

Happy gardening! 






6 thoughts on “Embracing the Change

  1. That first picture is excellent! I know that is not what you wrote about, but it really is excellent!
    A climate without pronounced seasons is not as boring as you might think. As mild as our climate is here, we really do get a brief period of time that is NOT summer! Seriously! Every year at about the same time, the weather gets a bit cooler, and then a bit of water mysteriously falls from the sky! It is not really as terrifying as it sounds. It is just what happens in the not-summer season. I think it might be called ‘winter’ or something like that. You can check the spelling. It is the reason our homes have roofs on them.

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      1. Ah, San Diego, the great rival of San Jose. I love San Jose, but it is such a bland city. It really should be as pretty as San Diego is. It should also be more populous than San Diego is, not because San Jose needs to be more crowded, but because San Diego just does not seem to be as big.

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