October Spice

These days, the kitchen is besieged with peppers. Hot ones, sweet ones, I don’t think we’ve ever had such a such a copious harvest. Our tomato season might be over, but the peppers are unstoppable. They’re mostly the small variety ‘Sweetonia’. Ade was given some seeds at the start of the year and they’ve been absolutely fantastic. The salad crisper is full of tiny, sweet, multi-coloured treasures that are so handy for chopping into salads or throwing into stir-fries.

Unfortunately, Ade also chucked the ‘Midas’ peppers into the salad crisper. Thinking they were oversized ‘Sweetonia’s’ I chopped them up and added them to our pitta breads for lunch. They’re actually a cross between a sweet pepper and a Jalapeno, so they have a very fiery aftertaste which came as a bit of a shock! They’ve since been assigned to the designated chilli pepper bowl!

Longhorn and Midas Chillies
Longhorn Chilli (centre) and Midas Pepper (right)

We’ve also got a generous crop of ‘Longhorn’ chillies, which are huge, fiery-looking things. But their bark is so much worse than their bite. The first time I cooked with one, I made sure I removed all the seeds, convinced it would blow our heads off.  But I couldn’t even detect a hint of chilli in what was meant to be Pasta Arrabbiata. Now I leave all the seeds in like I’m some hardcore spice fanatic with a gut of steel. With the seeds included, they give just the right amount of mild heat.

Incidentally, I don’t have a gut of steel as you can see from this picture.

AoF AllotmentFashionWk18
Allotment Fashion Week 2018

This was our recent contribution to #AllotmentFashionWeek. Frankly, I think I rock the tash/paunch combo and might adopt this highly flattering style going forward. And just look at Ade’s ankles. Things really don’t get much spicier than that.

Have a good week!😘







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