My Recycled Log Shed

Some weeks ago, I dismantled the old shed that was falling down in our garden, but I made sure I saved some of the panels that were still in good condition. I breathed new life into them this week, when I turned them into a log store. After all, it’s all about recycling in this house!

Rather than bog you down with dimensions, tools used, wind speed, and my inside-leg measurements, I decided to condense it all into a handy two-minute video for you. I know, I spoil you.

So pull up a pew, make yourself a brew and watch me do all the hard work for you.

Hope you like it!







3 thoughts on “My Recycled Log Shed

  1. What are they for? People who move here sometimes build them. I never ask why. I suppose they keep the snow off; but it does not snow here. It does not rain enough to keep the wood wet for too long either. Mine just gets stacked outside, and a weeks supply stays under the porch just in case it rains. It never rains long enough for the dry wood to get used up. In fact, we just use a few bits off the top. The wood outside gets damp, but not so soaked that it will not burn.

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