Sponsored Post: Vitavia Greenhouses

Having spent every waking moment plotting and prepping my kitchen garden, I’m still a long way from achieving my final dream. However, I’ve just taken a big step closer with the arrival of a new greenhouse.

Last year, we were commissioned to film and produce a short film for Glee. No, not the musical TV series. You really don’t want to hear me singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ in falsetto. Glee is a huge gardening and outdoor trade show, that takes place every September. Although I was working, it was also an opportunity for me to suss out garden products for my future kitchen garden. From secateurs to designer flower pots, it has everything a gardener could wish for.

But the exhibit I was drawn to was Vitavia Garden Products, who were celebrating their tenth anniversary. If you haven’t heard of this family-run company, then gather round, as these boys and girls really know their greenhouses. With managing director Tony Hutchinson  at the helm, his dream team are sons Robbie and John, and daughter Andrea.

After inspecting their greenhouses, I was impressed with both the quality of materials used, and the sturdiness of their structures.

Greenhouses are wonderful places, somewhere to unleash our ambitions, and somewhere to daydream of growing the largest vegetables. In recent years, greenhouses have become big business, with some original and amazing looking designs coming onto the market, all trying to get eager gardeners to part with their hard-earned pennies. But I’ve also noticed, that some brands are more style over substance. I wanted a greenhouse that not only looked good, but would do its job and last for years to come.

Vitavia have over a dozen greenhouse styles, something to suit everyone. They also have cold frames, wall gardens and an extensive range of accessories. At the time when I was still drawing up plans for my dream garden, I wasn’t sure what design of greenhouse would fit. But with so much choice, and friendly advice, I knew I’d be in safe hands.

Based on traditional greenhouse styles, Vitavia offer real benefits to both the dealer and the consumer.

All Vitavia greenhouse frames are constructed from anodised aluminium, ensuring clean handling and a pristine finish. Frames are available in natural silver or powder-coated green. Standard gutters and vents are also key features of the range. Supplied as kits, the frames simply bolt together using the fully illustrated assembly instructions.

They’re also a Suffolk-based company, which was really important to us. As this part of the world is now home, we’re always keen to support local businesses.

So, here’s a video explaining more, the installation of my greenhouse, and the end result.

This is one happy gardener! A big ‘thank you’ to Andrea at Vitavia for all her help. xx


Many thanks to Vitavia for supplying the greenhouse as featured in this blog post.




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