I Love Big Butts

That’s right, I love big butts and I cannot lie. The bigger the better I say!

I’m talking about water butts, of course. With summer fast approaching, I need to keep my kitchen garden hydrated, so it’s important to store as much rainwater as possible. This week I managed to get a couple of water butts installed, and I’m particularly pleased with the eight-foot long cattle water trough I managed to get my hands on. With a full trough, not only will I be able to water the raised beds, but it’ll keep me in cold baths until Christmas, if we fall on hard times. 

In other news, there’s been major construction work in a corner of the kitchen garden. Bugmetropolis! That’s right, we’re building a bug city to encourage wildlife to take up tenancy, and keep our kitchen garden in top form. It’s set amongst the cut flower bed, where we’ve got borage, sunflowers, foxgloves and numerous other flowers to keep the bees happy. We  don’t  discriminate,  all  bugs  are  welcome,  and  it’s  rent -free.

But it hasn’t all been toiling in the mud. I’ve recently had to scrub up for another TV appearance on QVC. I was lucky enough to be talking about the Chelsea Flower Show ‘Plant of the Year’, the Sedum atlantis from Suttons.  There’s  been  a huge  buzz  regarding  this  drought -tolerant plant,  and I can  see  why.

Finally, so many of you have been asking, ‘when can we see the photos of the finished kitchen garden?’ I had hope to have given you a full video tour by now, however, I’m still waiting on a final few props to complete the project. All being well, it should be finished within the next few weeks. Nevertheless, the garden is in full production, and already we’ve been harvesting broad beans, salads and our first chilli.

But for now, have a great week and enjoy your gardening.







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