The Kitchen Conundrum

So, here’s the irony of the current situation. Our brand new kitchen garden is now starting to reward us with all manner of delicious riches, however, we don’t currently have a kitchen to cook them in.

That was our kitchen two weeks ago. We had expected the installation to start later this month, possibly even August, but the builders called us in the last week of June to tell us they could make a start on the 1st of July and before we knew it, everything got ripped out. Then there was a little delay while our poor plumber tried to make sense of the convoluted pipework… and had to re-do most of it 😫. The new units are now in, but we’re still without a functioning sink and appliances. Plus we’re waiting on the worktop. Dishwashing happens in a bowl at the outside tap, and we’re living off salad (homegrown of course), and the odd takeaway, while the broccoli eyes us reproachfully from the veg bed (it’s not our fault you arrived at the wrong time, just hang in there, buddy!)

BUT… my goodness, once it’s all up and running, I will be in my element! I haven’t posted a recipe on here for almost a year (ALMOST A YEAR!) and I am so eager to get experimenting again. My new fridge is the size of the starship enterprise, which might seem a little excessive considering there are only two of us, but with all these homegrown veggies pouring into the kitchen, I know I’ll need the space. I’ve also got an induction hob coming. Anyone have experience of these? They’re super energy-efficient apparently. I do love a gas hob, but there’s no mains gas out here in the sticks, so our options were a bit  limited.

So there we are. Another week of chaos and noise ahead, but we’re getting there. The kitchen garden, meanwhile, is a picture! Ade can’t wait to share it with you all, he’s working his video-editing magic as we speak… just you wait! 😄






5 thoughts on “The Kitchen Conundrum

  1. Congratulations! The kitchen is looking a dream…I love your sink. And let me reassure you of the joys of cooking with induction…it is so clean, fast and efficient. I am glad you have a large refrigerator for all the home grown produce. Enjoy!!

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  2. Hi Sophie, life is always like that. Never mind it will be great once its done. By the way induction hobs are brilliant, so quick and easy and safe too , they switch off if they over heat so while you can still burn a pan it won’t get so hot it sets on fire. Very controllable too. I love mine

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