The New Kitchen Garden

I’ve spent the last six months digging, building and planting, but finally, our new kitchen garden is ready for the world to see. And we’d like to invite you all in to take a look, and let us know what you think.

To help get us started on our ‘Good Life’ journey, we’ve been getting advice from the best. Adam Frost and James Alexander-Sinclair give us their take on ‘growing your own’. And as well as your usual Agents of Field favourites, we’ve been bigging up certain garden bloggers, vloggers and podcasters in ‘Who’s On The Wall?’.

So sitback, grab a brew and let us tease your greenfingers. Agents of Field are back… and on a new mission!

Hope you enjoy it!







12 thoughts on “The New Kitchen Garden

  1. Oh Congratulations Ade and Sophie. I cannot believe how much you have achieved in six months. It is a lush garden of Eden. Wonderful planning. The neighbours will feel inclined to follow suit, I feel. Will tours be on the agenda?

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  2. I salute Agents of Field. What a triumph! What you have achieved in such a short amount of time is amazing. Love it and LOVE the video. Hats off to you both.

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  3. Yay! You’re back! 🤗 The kitchen garden looks amazing – you’ve achieved so much in such a short time and your Dad would definitely be proud! It’s 3 years since my Mum died – she was my garden guru and best friend – I still miss her but it gets easier to bear and gardening keeps her close – her plants and her wisdom live on. Wishing you all the best with getting the house as beautiful as the garden – can’t wait for the next instalment of the mission!

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  4. Thank you so much for mentioning me and Life on Pig Row. It’s wonderful to see you back. As someone who lost his Dad too recently, you have all my sympathies and hope. Keep going forward, celebrate those gone and love those still here.

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  5. Love the movie! After 24 hours sitting on a plane, this was so lovely to sit down and watch! A lot of hard work, but BRILLIANT results – Congratulations Agents Ade and Sophie. Keep up the good work!

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