Reap What You Sow

It’s glorious just now in the garden. The trees are full of colour, the sunsets are amazing, and we’re being rewarded with huge bounties of ripe fruit and veg.

While some of us dread that four-letter word, ‘glut’, others get stuck into jam and chutney making, and stocking the freezer with tasty soups and stews for the chilly months ahead.

However you cope with the change of season, take comfort that we’re all in it together. Don’t regard it as a chore, but the reward for the months of work you’ve put in on your allotments and in your kitchen gardens. It’s harvest season, so celebrate your produce, and don’t mourn for the loss of summer.

We’re still enjoying spending as much time in the garden as we can; the lovely, mild weather has certainly helped. We’ve also recently discovered a pair of frogs that have unexpectedly taken up residency in a small china bowl that has filled with rainwater! (Below left, just in case you thought it was a photo of some particularly sludgy-looking soup Sophie had concocted!)

The mornings are fresher, and the sun drags his heels daily now to rise. But every day those rich autumn colours paint amazing pictures, so be in the moment and enjoy the changing season.

Happy Gardening!


5 thoughts on “Reap What You Sow

  1. I love this time of year, too. I’ve just been out picking blackberries in the hot ! sun. ( I’m in Norfolk ) . Crown prince squash is my favourite and I have 2 sitting out to harden off….looking forward 😏 to getting a saw to each later on! Btw, is it possible to have a “ tour” of the new kitchen: glad to know it’s doing well !


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