Squirrelling Away

It’s still glut central here at Agents of Field HQ, so I’m grabbing any spare moment to make jams and chutneys for the store cupboard and soups for the freezer, squirrelling away our excess produce for the leaner months ahead. My new induction hob (which I’m loving, by the way) is seeing a whole lot of action just now.

Ade’s phenomenal pumpkin harvest (honestly, our plants went ballistic this year, must be the country air!) is currently outside curing and we’re wondering where the heck we’re going to store them all. We normally line our windowsills with them. I always think they make such a pretty display at this time of year, but our windowsills are a no-go at the moment. Just to remind you, our house is still in complete disarray while we renovate it. Downstairs, in particular, is in utter chaos. Plumbers and electricians have been coming and going this week, the decorators will hopefully be making a start by the end of the month, and then there’s the new floor to lay, so there’s nowhere safe to store our squashes. Except maybe the bathtub. 😳

In other news, we had the pleasure of talking to Luke Deal on BBC Radio Suffolk’s breakfast show yesterday. You  may recall Luke’s been following our attempts at self-sufficiency with regular updates from our kitchen garden since the start of the year, but yesterday, we joined him in the studio to chat more about our ‘good life’ journey. Then it was over to Ade who was grilled by listeners calling in with their gardening questions! You can catch it for the next month or so here (we’re on from about 2:06:00 onwards.)

It was a lot of fun and we hope to return at some point!

This coming week, I’m hoping to do something with our pear harvest. Pears are a bit of a novelty for us, we didn’t grow them previously and have inherited a wonderful tree in our new garden which is just laden with fruit right now. I’m thinking of doing a spiced pear chutney, what do you reckon?

Anyways, have a great week!






3 thoughts on “Squirrelling Away

  1. Do you have a garage? We have poles across our garage which are perfect for hanging things from…..no pests can reach things hanging in nets. As for your pear problem (!) how about pear Tarte Tatin? Yummy. Or try to exchange for apples? I’m currently slurping down all pears not attacked by magpies…..not many left this year. 😏

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  2. Do kids carve Jack-O’-lanterns there for Halloween? It is a lame tradition; but if they do, they might like some of your larger pumpkins. It might be a waste, but it makes the kids happy. When I lived in town, the neighbors had me collect their Jack-O’-lanterns for disposal, but I just cut out the burned or rotten parts, and canned much of the good parts.

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