Garden Catch Up

Well, it’s hard to believe we’re nearly into July and half the year is already behind us. But for gardeners, this is a precious time as we now begin to see the results of all those months of hard work.

So, to celebrate our recent harvests, I’ve put together a little video to show you how our kitchen garden is looking, what we’re doing, and a few tips on how to create a more productive garden.

Hope you enjoy it!









5 thoughts on “Garden Catch Up

  1. Lovely video. The garden is looking superb and thank you for the gardening tips. I guess I could try the brush tickling tip on my unproductive courgettes? Do you have any tips about getting rid of aphids which have been a real problem on one of my espaliered apple trees this year? Also how have you mastered your garlic growing?

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    1. Thanks Jenny. Some people spray aphids with soapy water, or put a chilli in the water and spray. I just pick them off. Really happy with our garlic this year. We’re already eating it 🙂


  2. Wonderful! Your garden looks so lush! Beautiful! And I have to say I loved the black and white horror movie in the middle – gave me a giggle!

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