Holding Onto Summer

As we enter the month of September, it’s clear summer is nearing its end. And although I’m reluctant to say goodbye to this wonderful season, there’s still much to enjoy.

Whilst certain plants in the kitchen garden are starting to fade, others are beginning to thrive. My autumn brassicas have clearly enjoyed the last few weeks, and have jumped the gun. Already we’re enjoying the first helping of cabbage on our dinner plates. One simple recipe that Soph regularly makes with cabbage is coleslaw. All the ingredients come from the kitchen garden, and it goes so well with a fresh corn on the cob, and a tasty baked potato!

The squashes are also ahead of themselves. With their vines are cracked and withered, I’ve already harvested the first few uchiki kuri squashes. It’s the earliest I’ve ever harvested a squash. Whether this is down to the weather, the fact we live in the south east, or because we’ve got incredibly fertile soil, who can say? But it does make me stop and wonder about global warming and whether this is the ‘new norm’.

In the greenhouse, the chillies are now holding court. I don’t think I’ve ever grown so many. Yet, we still have bags of them in the freezer from last year’s harvest. So, as much as it pains me, 2021 might be the first year I don’t grow any chillies, as I probably won’t need to…

In the flower beds, the fiery tones have dominated in recent weeks. I’ve never had so many tithonias, and for something so glorious, they’re surprisingly easy to grow.

But it hasn’t been just the garden I’ve been busy with. This year I’ve spent more time in the kitchen (much to Soph’s delight!), creating recipes with the produce we’ve grown. And although I’ll never be able to top Soph’s gourmet skills, I’ve been very happy to experiment!

So, although it’s a month of mixed emotion for me, summer and I will enjoy one more curtain call before autumn steps into the limelight. I can honestly say that summer 2020 has been one of the happiest and most productive gardening seasons ever for me, despite the global challenges we’ve all had to face. This little oasis I built only eighteen months ago continues to nourish my mind, heart and stomach.

Happy gardening, folks!


One thought on “Holding Onto Summer

  1. Everyone elsewhere is talking about the end of summer! I know it technically starts in two weeks or so, but wow, I do not think of autumn until November, or maybe late October. It is 110 degrees today;.


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