Snowy Suffolk

The snow has arrived here in Suffolk, so my gardening plans for the weekend were, annoyingly, put on hold. But it does look so pretty here!

If you, too, are stuck indoors because of the weather, and you enjoy a good garden read, then do check out our three-page feature in this month’s Kitchen Garden Magazine

In the article, I talk about the kitchen garden build, how we came to lead ‘The Good Life’ and I try to show that anyone who has the drive can create this lifestyle for themselves.

I had hoped to be building a few more raised beds this weekend; I wanted to show that there’s so much you can grow in a limited space. And if you can’t grow out, grow up! This year, I’m planning to explore vertical gardening a little more and will be adding a few more arches and structures. Speak to Soph – she’ll be the first to tell you how much I love a good arch!

I’ve finally broken the 2021 seal and sown the first of my seeds: chillies, peppers, aubergines, broad beans and leeks have all successfully germinated. So now, it’s all about striking the right balance of heat and light to ensure these beauties don’t become too leggy. 

As I type, the snow is still falling, making everything look very cosy. So, here are a few snaps I took of the garden today. 

For now, stay warm and here’s to a good week!









2 thoughts on “Snowy Suffolk

  1. We haven’t had much snow here this winter, but we did get a little dusting yesterday. Right now, at 1:45 in the afternoon, it is a very COLD 10° F. GEEZ!!! That is the coldest it has been all winter. The forecast for Thursday and Friday’s low is 3° F.


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