October in the Kitchen Garden

Autumn might be in full swing, but the kitchen garden just keeps on giving! From squashes to beetroot, there’s a lot to harvest, eat and store, just now. And with those autumnal colours lighting our days, October is turning out to be a very special month indeed.

So, if you have ten minutes, check out our October gardening video in which I tidy up, clear away and, of course, get harvesting. I also explain how we manage to grow vegetables twelve months of the year, and reveal my favourite pumpkin varieties.

For those who know I’ve been hobbling around for the last month because of a trapped nerve, thank you so much for your kind wishes! You’ll be pleased to know that even though the limp is still there, and will be for some time, I’m starting to feel a little better and am slowly returning to work.

But anyway, why don’t you make a brew and settle down for our autumn offering. Happy viewing!


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