January in the Kitchen Garden

2022 is in full swing and gardeners are eager to get out into their green spaces. Ade’s no different, as he eagerly beavers away in the kitchen garden, getting it up together for spring.

In our latest video, Ade shows you how he winter prunes his apple and pear trees, forces rhubarb and gives his tips on looking after asparagus.

So, grab a brew, find a pew and see the latest from our kitchen garden.

Happy Viewing!


One thought on “January in the Kitchen Garden

  1. Isn’t rhubarb supposed to be tart?! I grow the same rhubarb, which is likely ‘Victoria’, that I got from my great grandfather before I was in kindergarten. My mother made awesome pies with it and sugar only, nothing else. Everyone else mixes rhubarb with apple or strawberry because they think that rhubarb alone is too tart. What?! Apple and strawberry occupy space that could be filled by more of the awesomely tart rhubarb! Forcing makes rhubarb sweeter, but less tart. What is so bad about tartness?! There are plenty of other vegetables out there that are not tart. If I wanted sweet rhubarb that is not tart, I could put sugar on celery!


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