Green Goddesses

As yesterday was International Women’s Day, we wanted to (belatedly) give a shout-out to all the green goddesses out there; the wonderful women who champion the grow-your-own movement and are inspirational in their green-fingered greatness! Here are some of our favourites:

Joyce Veheary – Founder of Lend and Tend Joyce Veheary
Lend and Tend is the brainchild of actor, writer and all round wunderkind, Joyce Veheary. Matching people who want to garden (but have no land) with people who don’t garden (but do have land), Lend and Tend provides the ultimate patch-match service; a godsend in urban environments where outside space is at a premium.

SJTrebarSara Jane Trebar – Founder of Save Farm Terrace
The woman who took the government to court over the threatened closure of Farm Terrace Allotments in Watford – and won –  is an inspiration to allotment holders all over the country. Still as vocal as ever about the value of allotments, Sara Jane has also recently been selected as an official Labour councillor candidate for Central Watford. (You go, girl!)

Sara Ward – Co-Founder of Hen Corner Sara Ward
Having adopted the good life with her husband at the end of the noughties, Sara grows seasonal veg, keeps chickens and produces her own honey, all in the completely improbable surroundings of West London! Along with keeping her kitchen garden in order, she runs courses, shares recipes, and makes cider. (God love her.)

alys fowlerAlys Fowler – Gardener, Writer, Presenter
This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Alys Fowler: horticulturalist, journalist and the woman who first inspired us to get gardening. She showed us that  gardens could be edible and that urban living was no barrier to growing your own. A girl after our own hearts.

My Mum – Surprise GardenerKate
A keen grower of beans and tomatoes, Mum’s gardening exploits are legendary. Particularly the recent occasion she decided to grow beetroot. She wasn’t wearing her glasses at the time she bought the seeds from the garden centre, blindly planted them, fed them, watered them, and was completely baffled when her vegetable bed erupted into a bumper crop of red cabbage!

A big cheer for these and all the other women in wellies out there!





RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

The temperature in the car was reading 35 degrees as we travelled at a snail’s pace around the M25. But with the air conditioning and radio on full blast, spirits were high as 1st July had been a date in our diary for months; we were finally going to the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower ShowContinue reading “RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show”

Putting Down Roots


So here it is.  After paying homage at the altar of Monty and making numerous fruit offerings to the Divine Fowler Goddess, I finally have my plan for this year.

In the darkest hour of the night I have lain awake, searching for the perfect allotment.  In my mind I have created the Garden of Eden.  In my dreams, I have sat in the doorway of my shed on a summer’s evening, Pimms in hand as I survey my fertile land, watching my vegetable children burst from their muddy beds, vying for my attention as they eagerly whisper ‘Pick me, pick me!’

I’ve mused long and hard on how to get the best from my newly acquired land; I’ve studied the sun, watched the shadows fall, considered from where the wind blows and to where the rainwater runs.  But in the end, for me, it comes down to this:

  • What veg do we enjoy most?
  • What have I not grown before and fancy having a go at?

I’ll plant, see what takes and reassess at the end of the season bearing in mind I don’t know what grew in the plot previously and haven’t got a clue how the soil will respond to my efforts. I’m sure as I put plan to soil it will evolve and change.  Some ideas will get lost on this journey whilst new inspiration will be discovered along the way.

Allotment Plan 1(23Feb)

‘But Ade!’ I hear you cry, ‘What about a summer salad?’  Fear not my friends, the much-loved salad leaf, tomato and cucumber will continue to grow in the back garden, along with our herbs and berries.  You’re getting to know a man who can never refuse a cheeky Ploughman’s (complete with salad garnish!) and I need these trusty fellows close by.

So, no going back now; the blueprint has been drawn, the sleeves have been rolled up and this keen gardener is itching to get out of the shed and onto the plot!