The Impossible Dream

When days are short and dreams are big, the battle with Old Father Time can be a frustrating one. Your need to be outdoors is often blocked by work and other daily commitments that have become increasingly heavy shackles around your neck. In that moment, I’m reminded of Gandalf’s stand-off with the Balrog, desperately shouting, ”YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Hold your horses, grey pilgrim, I thought you were on my side? Continue reading “The Impossible Dream”


Agents of Field are 1 Year Old!

It was one year ago tomorrow that Ade and I, with fingers blackened by the soil of a brand new allotment plot, tentatively logged onto WordPress for the first time to blog about our veg-growing adventures. We didn’t really know what we were doing, with the allotment or with the blog, but we thought it might be fun. Now, one year later, with nearly 100 published blog posts, over 300 followers around the world, and even some rather lovely awards, Agents of Field are going from strength to strength!

So, while we celebrate with some homemade, home-grown pumpkin pie (the recipe for which, rather appropriately, comes from our first ever subscriber SewSowTasty), we wanted to thank all our readers for joining us on our veg-growing odyssey.

Thanks for being there during our tomato triumphs and our brassica disasters; for helping Sophie keep her head above water during the veg deluge of summer ’14, and for holding Ade’s hand when he went back to school to expand his horticultural knowledge; for putting up with Sophie’s occasional soapbox rants and Ade’s gratuitous and entirely unjustifiable references to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We hope you’ll keep reading, keep sharing, keep growing and keep eating.

Let’s keep the allotment love alive, people!